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The Painting of Life through Light

Granada, Spain

When you talk about Granada, it conjures up images of the Alhambra – an Andalusian Islamic historical legacy, which showcases the culture of this region. A visit to Granada is not complete unless you take a slow leisurely walk through the palace grounds and gardens of this magnificent place. Watch the richly orange sunset from the hillside terraces overlooking the Alhambra premises, and have a cup of hot coffee in the chilly winds of the evening. Rain was the only issue we had, but the best way was to find a good cafe terrace, hide under the huge umbrella provided, and chat with your loved ones until the sun sets, and the rain has stopped temporarily. You can also find in this nice town, street performers where you can support and buy their CDs, numerous shops where you can purchase trinkets and even swords, (yes!) and cafes where you can watch the world go by.

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