How about describing Henry as “a self-learned photographer with a curious fascination about all things surrounding him”? Sounds pretty close.  This embodies just about what photography is to him. Somewhere, out there, is a beautiful composition, a wonderful scene, waiting to be discovered, and every moment in the present is a gift. So he takes his trusted Nikon camera whenever he finds time, to relive the excitement of capturing that moment. When not taking photographs, he works in a cubicle somewhere, to earn his keep for the next world-wide-roam. In the meantime, he likes to reading some good books, magazines and chill out in a quaint cafe somewhere in the city, to the tunes of Bossa Nova and easy, smooth Jazz.

All photographs in this portfolio are works of Henry, and therefore all copyrights are to him as well. If you would like to use any of the photographs here for your personal, work, commercial or any publish or print purposes, please contact Henry through the contact form, he will get in touch with you soon!